Why Photography?

Photography is not just a hobby for me, it has become a way of balancing life. I prefer photographing the natural world - spending time outdoors makes me feel close to the roots of life.

For me, photography is not only about what my eyes can see. It is what my soul can see and what I feel in response to the vision my eyes create. I aim to capture the emotional response to what I see and try to recreate it for the viewer through the photograph.

I feel inspired by scenes that evoke a sense of tranquillity and harmony. Often, I am drawn towards the smaller details in the landscape - such as shapes, patterns or a particular colour - and they become the primary subject of my images.

I feel I have succeeded with an image, if the viewer can engage with the subject and share at least part of the emotion I felt when I photographed it.

All photographs © Astrid McGechan LRPS
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