Astrid McGechan is a Surrey-based landscape photographer and book author. She started to seriously engage in photography a few years ago, when struggling to juggle the demands of family life, motherhood and a stressful job. Spending time outdoors and photographing became her way of balancing life. Photography for Astrid is not only about what her eyes can see; it is about what she feels in response to the vision her eyes create. She aims to capture her emotional response and recreate it for the viewer through her photographs.

Astrid draws much of her inspiration from scenes in the natural world that evoke a sense of tranquillity and harmony. Sometimes, she is drawn towards the less obvious details in the landscape - such as shapes, patterns or a particular colour - and they become the primary subject of her images. She feels she has succeeded with an image if the viewer can engage with the subject and share at least part of the emotion she felt when she photographed it.

More recently, Astrid has become fascinated by urban life and architecture, and has spent some time photographing in London.

Astrid, who holds a distinction by the Royal Photographic Society, has curated several art exhibitions and judged photographic competitions. She also teaches and lectures on photography and works on commissions for individuals and corporate clients. Her images have been published and widely exhibited in the UK and Europe, and sell to collectors in the UK, Europe and the USA.